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I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 (64bits) next to a windows 7 preinstalled system. I have found some troubles during the process.

Windows 7 partitions are like shown in figure [a link]

My idea was, during the Ubuntu installation, re-size the OS partition, allocating there windows and the "/" root folder, and make the data partition my new "/home" folder.

The problem is that when I boot Ubuntu live CD (or USB) both in EFI or MBR mode, in the partitioning step no partitions are detected in the disk. So, Ubuntu does not recognize the windows 7 partitions.

How can I install Ubuntu, without reinstalling windows 7? (Is a new notebook and I don't have all the drivers in the marker web).

Thanks a lot for your help

[Update] Here are 2 screenshots from gparted and fdisk -l (running the live usb) [a link] [a link]

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The image links are dead. Can you update? – Mitch Aug 12 '12 at 7:57

The screen-shot links are dead; however, the usual cause of the symptoms as described is a corrupted partition table. If this computer is booting in BIOS mode (it may be, even if the firmware is UEFI-enabled), then my FixParts utility may be able to fix the problem pretty painlessly, but I can't make any promises about that. If the computer is booting in EFI mode, then I can't make any recommendations about fixes without more information. The output of gdisk -l 0: from Windows might help, but you'll need to install the Windows version of my GPT fdisk utility.

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Finally I had to re-create the partition table, so I lost the windows 7 partition (and all the drivers). I have also checked your app and is very useful! I would take into account for future uses – fernando garcía May 23 '12 at 9:17

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