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After I installed v12, the touchqad of my eeePC 1000H got an annoying habit. In a browser I scroll up/down by swiping my finger along the right side of the touchpad.

If I do it slowly, stop for a moment and then remove my finger, suddenly the moment I remove the finger the screen jumps up/down -- ie it scrolls in the same direction a step too far. This is increadibly annoying particularly on a small screen, where I have to scroll back and forth several times to get where I want.

This didn't happen before v12, doesn't happen with a mouse and I don't see any relevant settings. Also, the slow scrolling and pause described above are essential. Otherwise, it works fine. Of course the same happens in nautilus and whatever involves scrolling. Any ideas?

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As there are no responses, could that be a driver bug I should report? One thing is for sure. This problem is so annoying, if more people were affected it would be discussed all over the place. –  glocal May 24 '12 at 19:40

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