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My system is:

CPU intel 8400E, video card Ati HD6850, motherboard Gigabyte P31, 2x2GB DDR2 corsair, HD WD 250 GB (order of partitions no1 "\boot" 700 mb, ext3; no2 "\" 32 GB ext3; no3 "swap" 2gb, rest ntfs).

During installation all went fine (no display errors, desktop resolution was correct identify & set 1680*1050, I manage to set up internet connection & installed the updates). Then I restart PC as Bbuntu demanded.

Soon after the problems occurred. 1. the screen was split in 2 vertically. I see the login screen, entered the psw and => next problem

  1. All I see was the Ubuntu desktop colour but no icon or toolbar or something to choose, just an empty desktop split in two

3 All this time, from login till I restart PC the screen was flickering very very fast (after 10 secs of watching my eyes start to hurt)

I mention no error message appears neither something to tell me what to do.

I really hope you can help me with some explanation/advice, I don't understand why is this happening.

Thanks so much for your understanding!

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Is it a bit like this question: – jippie May 11 '12 at 21:42

Try clicking the Ubuntu logo on the login menu and selecting Unity 2D or Gnome classic. The problem may lie with the proprietary AMD drivers installed during installation. If you don't need full-featured 3D acceleration, you might just want to go to Hardware Drivers and remove the proprietary drivers (the open source ones are just as good in most non-gaming cases). Good luck!

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