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I'm maintaining the PC of an old relative. The person shall not have the possibility to unlock a Launcher-Icon by means of "Unlock from launcher" in the Quicklist (in former Ubuntu versions it was named uncheck "Keep in Launcher").

Is it possible to remove or disable (greyed out) "Unlock from launcher" in the Quicklist of a Launcher-Icon?

enter image description here

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It seems there exists no way to remove or disable “Unlock from launcher” in the Quicklist of a Launcher-Icon.

But I found a workaround that saves the current order of the icons in the Launcher and - in the case that an icon was mistakenly removed from the Launcher - restores the order after every start, reboot or login.

Step 1: Save the current order of the icons in the Launcher: Start Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and enter the command gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites > starter.icons (this will save the order in the file starter.icons in your home-directory).

Step 2: Create a script in your home-directory by means of the command gedit ~/ and type the following text:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites "$(cat starter.icons)"

Save the file and close Gedit.

Step 3: Make the file executable by means of the command chmod +x ~/

Step 4: Make a new entry in the Startup Applications: Klick on the wheel in the top-right corner and chose Startup Applications... > Press Add > Name: Restore Launcher-Icons > Command: /home/<YourUsername>/

From now on after every start, reboot or login, the order of the icons in the launcher will be restored according the information in the file ~/starter.icons.

P.S: Instead of Step 4 you can also create a Desktop-Starter with the command /home/<YourUsername>/

PP.S: Good news: In the case you have manually edited the quicklist of a Launcher-Icon, the amendments will be preserved even if the icon is (mistakenly) removed. That means, after restoring, the quicklist still contains all amendments.

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