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Which files in ~/ store settings for Compiz, GTK and icons?

Every new user uses files from etc\skel. I want, when I create a new user, for that user to use my GTK theme, Compiz settings, icons and fonts by default.

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OK, solved by reading manuals. .gconf, .config and .locale needed to copy to /etc/skel/

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Themes and Icons stored in ~/.themes or ~/.icons cannot be shared with other users on the same computer.

To achieve theme and icon sharing you need to store them in usr/share/themes and usr/share/icons respectively.

Edited Answer (Based on Comment clarity)

To copy themes and icons here you need type gksu nautilus in Terminal

1: Right click on your Theme folder and select Properties (in your case Orta)

2: Select the Permissions Tab

3: Go to "Others" and Make sure Folder access is set to "Access Files"

4: Change File Access to Read or Read and Write

Your theme will be available to others

Your ~/.compiz folder is hidden in your Home Folder. Select ctrl-h to reveal.

enter image description here

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I don't have .compiz folder. I know, that . means hidden file. – tilly willy May 13 '12 at 10:35

Themes are stored in .themes and compiz settings in .compiz in your home folder. Just copy it to the /etc/skel folder.

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I don't have .compiz folder. Maybe ~/.compiz folder exist on previous versions of ubuntu? My current - 12.04. – tilly willy May 12 '12 at 3:19

The compiz settings are from 11.04 on stored in this folders:

  • Ubuntu-Classic: ~/.gconf/apps/compiz-1
  • Unity 2D: ~/.gconf/apps/compiz
  • Ubuntu (3D): ~/.gconf/apps/compizconfig-1

Taken from:
See also this question: Where are compiz settings saved?

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