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I use Keyboard Input Methods program for inputting Tamil. I need to manually start it everytime I need to use it. How can I add it to start up?

I don't want it asking me this everytime I start it:

"Keyboard Input Methods (IBus Daemon) has not been started. Do you want to start it now?"

and also this dialog:

"IBus has been started! If you can not use IBus, please open System Menu -> System Settings -> Language Support and set the "Keyboard Input Method" to "ibus", then log out and back in again."

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You need to add ibus-daemon to your startup applications:

  • Open startup applications from the power cog
  • Add ibus-daemon
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I think a better way of enabling ibus should be the following

im-switch -s ibus

There is no need to manually add startup entry for ibus-daemon

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Can anyone explain why this should work? I don't see why this whole issue isn't a bug. It seems so obvious that once you setup your multi-input keyboard that you'll need it again without remembering to start something up manually. – PandaWood May 14 at 11:04

Similar to the previous post adding ibus to Startup Applications..., I used

ibus-daemon --xim 

as in the file /usr/share/applications/ibus.desktop.

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Have you tried setting the input method in System settings>Language support to ibus? It should automatically startup if the input method is set to ibus.

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