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I'm working with the studyblast solution to creating a live USB on OS X. I managed to get Ubuntu booted but the screen looks like a corrupt/glitch image. I can just about make out the clock on the bottom right and a few icons. I've been told that this is easily fixed and that nomodeset needs to be set for the graphics card. But all the solutions I find are for Ubuntu systems installed to hard drives. Where you can cd in and edit the grub file - how do you do this is if it's in an iso?

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This should be of help to you.… – Shadius May 11 '12 at 14:59

The following instructions are from :

As the CD boots, the user can gain access to the advanced page and its options by pressing any key when the small logo appears at the bottom of your screen:


Here is the Advanced welcome page:

Welcome screen

Hit F6 to get Other Options, and choose nomodeset from the dropdown menu.

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Hi, thanks I had attempted to do that but the screen is corrupt right the way through the process so I can't see what I'm doing via any graphical interface. I have found another installation solution now using this method ( which worked for me. – Garrett May 13 '12 at 13:11

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