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After attempting to install Ubuntu Desktop 32bit on our HyperV environment - which requires static IP addressing, Ubuntu thinks the network cable is unplugged. It's connected to the correct Team NIC in SCVMM (like 40 or so other servers; which are all working fine) but for some reason it doesn't detect that the cable is "plugged in". I'm going to try Ubuntu Server 64-bit to see if that works.

UPDATE - looks like server has the same problem.

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I had a similar issue where the eth0 was showing lots of errors and dropped packets. I double checked the SCVMM Virtual Machine Properties and Network Adapter 1 was of the "Emulated" type. Once I set it to "Synthetic" (supported via hv_netvsc module compiled into Kernel 3.1) I was in business. I'm guessing that this is SCVMM's default when you select "Other Linux (64 bit)" during initial creation of the VM.

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I have the same issue. However, I tried to install 12.04 server 32-bit and that worked with no problem. It seems, for me anyway, that this is an issue with the 64-bit version. I'm running the stand alone Hyper-V 2008 server on an HP Proliant DL360 Gen8.

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In our case helped: unchecked "enable virtual machine queue" and disable ipsec (both in hardware acceleration section of network card).

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I solve it here.

Just delete the bridge connection ( between your real NIC and your virtual vEthernt (of Hyper-v)) Share internet connection like in the link below and it will work.

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