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Trying to update via terminal via aptitude or apt-get is not working. There is no other package management program running in the background or any other user.

I tried both, sudo aptitude update and sudo apt-get update just in case. Same problem.

Trying to do it via Update manager throws this output:

W:Failed to fetch Something wicked happened resolving '' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)

Internet connection is working since I could create this question.

Tried to do: a sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -fr but it only helped in executing both apt-get and aptitude to see them fail again at the end with the same problem.

What else could be locking the list?

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The solution for me is a weird one.

I first cleared out the apt list, to make sure.

Then proceeded to check if there was a program locking it (Even though there was nothing in memory that suggest it so): lsof|grep dpkg/lock

Then lastly I checked to see if there was the lock file in the apt list. Nothing.

I remembered yesterday we had changed ISP (We have 2 ISP connections). So just for "going back to origins" sake and changed the ISP back.

Everything works as it should. aptitude, update manager, synaptic, software center and apt-get. But then a new question: Why did changing the ISP create this problem.

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