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Ubuntu 12.04 will not install on MSI Big Bang 2 xPower MoBo with Intel i7 3630 - ? Black screen with blinking cursor and lots of CD and cpu activity, but nothing further happens. Memory (8 GB) and net ok. Video MSI N560 GTX.

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Did you try booting with option nomodeset from grub? – izx May 10 '12 at 21:59

I had a similar problem and solved it that way: Used Alternate CD (text mode installation - for more information pls look ubuntuusers wiki = alternate cd) => reboot => login and install desktop (f.e.: sudo install ubuntu-desktop) => reboot => select "save graphic mode" or something similar => install proprietary nvidia driver => reboot ..with me it worked

Good Luck! jvbuxtown

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Thanks, worked almost with me. Got scrambled screen at first, but with nomodeset it works. Btw: Found a warning re last update of Nvidia driver, seems to have a bug, se earlier version must be used for 12.04:… Thanks a lot for the solution! – Carsten Bisgård May 11 '12 at 19:32

When the installation pops up, I clicked F6, then ESC.

Scroll down to Install/Run Ubuntu option.

Press TAB.

In the text that appeared on the screen, I changed splash to :

nosplash, and added nomodeset right after nosplash.

This worked for me... :-)

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