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I want to use the windows client for Ubuntu One but I have problems while signing in. My internet connection uses a proxy server. Therfore the Ubuntu One client asked me for the login information. But the client is not able access the proxy server. All it does is loading for a long time. I think I might have typed the wrong login information. But the client does not ask again for the proxy details. I tried to reinstall the client. But then the client does nothing at the first start. The elements are grey and i can not click on anything. I think the program saved the (probably wrong) proxy information and tries at start to connect. How can i change or delete the proxy configuration?

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Ubuntu One 2.0.3 (the current version for Windows) does not support proxies. The 3.0 release does support proxies, and we should have a 3.0.1 release available on Windows within the next week. It will use the system proxy configuration, so no additional configuration will be needed, other than upgrading once the new release is out.

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