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I am having a huge problem. Whenever i try to open a file gedit tries to open it. For example I download something with firefox, i click on the file to open it and gedit opens! Even in when I want to open a non-java file(images,pdfs,..) from my Eclipse explorer it gedit tries to open. More strangely, whenever, i try to open my home folder or any other folders such as Music, pictures,... from menu it happens! Can someone help me? Thx

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You might need to look in your nautilus and tell it on what to do to an executable file.

Open Nautilus -> Edit -> Preferences -> Behaviour -> Executable Text Files.

Files might not have default application when opening it.

Right Click on the file -> Properties -> Open with.

Set a default application of that file. If gedit is already selected and you want to change it just go over with your desired application.

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didn't help. gedit still opens my home folder! – Hossein May 14 '12 at 7:36

Have a look at the contents of mimeapps.list with:

more ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list

Somewhere in there you will have a settings that says it should open folders or specific files with gedit.

The heading with [default application] can be used to create a new/default mimeapps.list:

[Default Applications]

[Added Associations]
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On Linux for some reason Firefox doesn't recognize real mimetype of binary files and treats them all as application/octet-stream. And it opens this mimetype (and thus .pdf, .doc and other files) in a default text editor - Gedit in my case. After long googling and messing with Linux and Firefox config files it turned out that the fix is to delete a line beginning with application/octet-stream in mimeapps.list.

On openSUSE 13.2 mimeapps.list was in ~/.config , but on some distros it's in ~/.local/share/applications/ or perhaps in some other place.

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