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How can I download PIC18 v3.38 in Lite mode as C-Compiler to Mplab ? I could not see any link to repository.

Can I download it with sudo apt-get install ?

Note : I am not using wine

   ubuntu 10.04
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Just suggesting, your name (gcc) is a compiler too: "GNU C Compiler". It's available from the repositories. I suggest you to install build-essential which will pull in all possible helpful tools. –  Lekensteyn May 10 '12 at 7:52

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Just to be correct: GCC stands for "GNU Compiler Collection" and does not compile binaries for PIC Microcontrollers.

The PIC18 compiler can be downloaded from the MPLAB site:

To my knowledge it is Windows only and does not work with Wine. You might have to use another compile such as the HI-TECH C Compiler for PIC10/12/16

Also see Programming PIC's in Linux.

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