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I upgraded from Lubuntu 11.10 to Lubuntu 12.04 (runs on Vmware server). After upgrade, my mouse wheel control don't work as it should. It works in Windows and when I go to Vmware Remote Console to Lubuntu it works also until I use wheel. I can go down, but I can't go up with wheel (navigation bar jumps erratically).

Any idea, what is changed?

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I can't answer what has changed, but I noticed a few things since I installed Ubuntu 12.04 yesterday:

  • The wheel works correctly in Firefox, but doesn't while browsing files and folders (Nautilus) or editing text in gedit.
  • If you first place the mouse on top of the scroll bar and then use the wheel, it works fine, even in gedit and Nautilus.
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I tried, but problem exists in all apps with scroll bar ... it works for down, but when I move up, it jumps down and up ... – Iztok May 11 '12 at 9:25

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