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The description here says that 12.04 ships with python 3.2.3 as well. What command do I run to get this? Running python -v or python2 -V or python2.7 -V all give me the same result 2.7.3. There are no other commands with the name python available. Do I have to install it?

Note: I am not interested in setting python 3.2 as my default interpreter, I just want to know that if it ships, what command runs it.

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Whether or not Python 3 is installed after installation or not depends mostly on the flavour and version. If a package depends on Python 3 it will be installed.

The best indication on whether it will come with the standard desktop installation is by checking the manifest files for the installation images.

Manifest files:

Both do not contain anything with python3. However,

does have lots of python3 packages.

This means that for 12.04 you'll probably need to install it afterwards: python3 Install python3. Use the link to install using the Software Centre or run:

sudo apt-get install python3

Then invoke the new Python 3 shell using


Note that Python 2.7 will still be present and will stay the default.

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sudo apt-get install python3


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Thanks, I guess I do have to install it and it doesn't really come installed. – ste_kwr May 10 '12 at 3:16
Yeah, I checked it when I saw your post. It was not installed on my 64bit system by default. I havent checked my 32bit laptop yet. – Matt Barnes May 10 '12 at 3:29

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