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I'm running 12.04 with KDE. Not Kubuntu. KMix is misbehaving.

The volume control is resetting itself to zero volume. The speaker icon is marked red. Kmix produces the following when I run it in a terminal:

`enter code here`QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.`

Kmix does not launch after that.

I use the "Default Audio" on the board. There is also HDMI audio I don't use. Kmix wants to use HDMI. When I set "Default Audio" as preferred, it reverts back to HDMI.

When this happens, alsamixer shows all channels have been muted. I can unmute them, but "alsactl store 0" produces this: "Home directory /home/abcdefg not ours"

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OP posted:

Per this bug report at Fedora, I edited /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to change "flat-volumes = no" to "flat-volumes = yes". I then logged off and back on and the audio mutes were gone.

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