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Hibernate worked fine for my system in previous 10.10, 11.04 versions. I recently upgraded to 12.04. I did not see any hibernate command in the menu. I did the change proposed in another askubuntu question. I test hibernate using the pm-hibernate command but my system seemed to "hibernate temporarily" doing an immediate restart! The same behavior is experienced after implementing the How to enable hibernation in 12.04? guidelines. Do you know how can i fix that?

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Is your hard disc nearly full?? Hibernate needs hard disc space to function and you may need to 'spring-clean' it to progress into repose.

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It uses swap space for that and if there isn't enough, simply fails to hibernate, not reboot. – psusi May 10 '12 at 1:21

Same problem here, I have enough space on swap partition, the computer (HP FOLIO 13) hibernates and power down but when I power cycle it acts as if I did a cold boot

My other computer has ubuntu 10.04 LTS and hibernates and returns OK

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I discovered what was wrong: swap space was crypted thus hibernate wont know how to resume

Solution here and here

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