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I have scanned thru all the posts on this issue. But I have not been able to get a resolution. Has anyone applied a clean fix to this issue? I had 11.10 on Lenovo Thinkpad T60 and upgraded to 12.04 last night. The boot process freezes on "Checking battery state" message. I have tried startx , backing up the .conf file, nomodeset etc.. options and nothing seems to working. My video driver is 128MB ATI Mobility RADEON X1400. Any ideas on how to fix this? Also if I want to move back to 11.10, how can that be done, without doing another clean install and loosing my data.

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to Askubuntu! First up all, do backup your valuable data and tighten your seat belt.Boot your system in to recovery mode(select the second option from the boot menu)and login.This option gives you a command line screen where you can check your video driver position by typing this command jockey-text -h which will show you the available options for the driver installation.This command is same like Additional Driver in GUI.Moreover be a scholar by these posts too and

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Thanks Beeju, none of the options you mentioned above worked for me. Any other viable options available for the fix? – Vikas Bhatia May 13 '12 at 23:56

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