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Possible Duplicate:
Nothing shows up on the screen when I type my password

I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and was trying to update software with sudo apt-get .... In the Terminal I am asked for my password but it will not accept any form of input. I've tried typing it in, as well as pasting from the clipboard. What should I do?

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Remember that the terminal WONT echo back asterisks for characters in your password. If you know that and you are completely sure that you put in the right password (for a user with sudo priviledge): try a different terminal (perhaps the one at alt+ctrl+F1). You can also use GUI sudo (for example gksudo). As soon as your system is up to date check if the problem is still present and if it is -- report a bug. – Krzysztof Hasiński May 9 '12 at 23:06

When you use the Terminal and you need to enter your password, it will not show on the screen at all, this is normal practice.

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When the terminal asks for your password just type clear without caps lock on. Note that the password is the same as our Ubuntu login password.

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