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I made the big mistake of upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 on my computer with NVidia card and the interface is now broken. I have to use Unity 2D and the games I used to play with my daughter are not working anymore (slow as hell). I'm trying to upgrade to the latest nvidia drivers, but I can't seem to stop the X server.

I tried to boot into console with "text" added as argument to kernel - it doesn't do anything, I still get a graphical login screen.

I tried killing Xserver with

sudo service lightdm stop

I get a

stop: Unknown instance:

If I do a lightdm restart first I can stop it, but I get a garbled console screen on which I can't read anything

I tried booting into single mode and that worked and then a telinit 3 brought me back to the graphical login screen.

What else can I do? Did I overlook something?

I tried to search in many places, but couldn't find an answer to my question (for everybody else the 'text' option seems to work)...

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Were you finding that it is not possible to upgrade the binary nvidia driver without first stopping X? I've never run into that problem, though I've only installed .deb's... – jrennie May 11 '12 at 2:49
I was using nvidia's own installer which runs in console and checks if the server is still running (and doesn't move further if it is) – rslite Aug 1 '12 at 2:30
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I did find a solution - I booted into single mode and then enabled networking. This allowed me to access the disks as r/w and to run the install script.

This also solved my problem with booting into console since the graphic drivers can no longer be initialized (API mismatch - kernel is 295.40 and client is 295.49 - whatever that means) :D

...all in a day's work...

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