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In both Gnome and Unity sound works pretty great. But, when I switch to Fluxbox, voila, no sound! How do I fix this?

Also, I saw the keyboard shortcuts in the ./fluxbox/keys folder, and they simply seem to do nothing.

They are configured like this:

Control 1 :Exec amixer sset Master,0 1+

Control 2 :Exec amixer sset Master,0 1-

Control 0 :Exec amixer sset Master,0 toggle

What do I do?

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are you sure the sound isn't muted? – functionptr Jul 13 '12 at 3:53
Is PulseAudio running? – Cumulus007 Jul 30 '12 at 0:12
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I had ti power up the gnome-sound-applet in .fluxbox/startup, and it appears the sound was muted there. It works now.

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check for muted sound, using alsamixer

m toogles the mute. MM represents a muted device, OO a non-muted one

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Go to Applications > System > Administration > Gnome Control Center and click the sound icon. Check to see if anything is muted.

If this doesn't work, try pavucontrol

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