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When I used SoundJuicer the first time in 12.04, it worked correctly. When reading the second CD, it failed completely with the message: "SoundJuicer could not read the track listing on this CD. Reason: Cannot access CD: The specified location is not mounted".

Which is odd, since I am getting there through the GUI file system.

Is this a known bug (but is somehow not searchable using the exact error message, either as a quoted string, or as the list of tokens)? Is there some other search term that I should have used? I'll admit to being a newbie Ubuntu user, but I use RedHat at work, and often have to debug system level events-- those are easy to find via the error string. Am I wrong to expect otherwise here? Should I have searched the SoundJuicer site?

I sent a "report" (is that ubuntu-bug? I can't find that in my process table in the system-monitor-- is it for some reason not listed?), but thought that instead of waiting on an answer, I'd try to find a solution without waiting since there was a (remarkably) similar bug in 11.10. The core-dump is "helpfully" hidden (and I cannot seem to copy from the report in any case), but I can report that the problem originates in gvfsd-cdda.

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It is a bug of SoundJuicer that they won't solve. You have to close SoundJuicer and start it again to make it work.

Excuse me if I don't post a link to back my information, but I struggled with this for a long time. Now I just restart it after inserting a new CD.

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Did you confirm the CD you inserted have no problem? Isn't the CD corrupted? If this problem happens randomly, check whether your CD-ROM drive works properly, or try to clean the drive. If you are frequent CD/DVD drive user, pick-up part of CD-ROM drive may be wasted down.

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Drive reads correctly in file-system (displays correct number of tracks), and vlc totem. But totem fails to connect w/CD-ID databases, and doesn't save without much extra programming. – Derrell Durrett Jun 5 '12 at 21:45
I can confirm that I'm having the same issues with sound-juicer with a CD that even (after a lot of failed attempts) was readable in Rhythmbox. Brand new CD btw :) – benjaoming Jun 8 '12 at 23:56
I solved my Rhythmbox problems by deleting ~/.gstreamer-0.10 – benjaoming Jun 8 '12 at 23:57
Rhythmbox reads fine. But it says to use SoundJuicer for importing a CD, so I'm stuck (without writing my own version of SoundJuicer, which seems silly since it was working so well for so long (before 11.04). – Derrell Durrett Jun 9 '12 at 18:39

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