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I recently lost all my Windows data. I tried running Photorec and I was able to recover some 18 GB of data back. Photorec threw an error after recovering 18 GB stating "Segmentation Fault". Was it because my windows drive was hardly ever defragged? If so, what routines/precautions I can take to make sure if something like this happens again on Windows or Linux side, Photorec wont throw the "Segmentation Fault" error.(Of course one precaution being backing up data regularly :-) )

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A Segmentation Fault is usually a programming error. There's nothing you can do about but always upgrade to the newest version and sending a bug report to the developer.

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The segmentation fault is unrelated to the problem with the hard drive. It indicates something went wrong with the software you were using at the time, possibly photorec itself.


  • Use a newer version of photorec as it may have fixed that problem
  • Use testdisk, which is a tool from the same author as photorec and can do similar things, though it may be slightly harder to use.
  • Try photorec again; it may not happen the next time.
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