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I have upgraded MySQL workbench to one in repos (I purged the first version). It works fine with Server adminstration and it opens fine previously opened file on startup but when I open another file I get the dialog to confirm closure of current file and program hangs...until I force quit.

I have googled and it seems no body else is affected. Before I upgraded to Natty I had updated Gimp to 2.8 that affected some software (shotwell being one of them and now it works fine) .

I've run out of ideas and I welcome any help


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Thanks God for this Idea, I tried and it worked. It seems the current configurations left by previous version are somehow incompatible with previous ones or something corrupted. So I did this command (be careful the directories are right as there is no undo)

cd ~/
rm -rfv .mysql/workbench/

Note that this does not fix the problem of program hanging when using using recent files menu. So do not use recent files with this workaround

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