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I just installed 11.10 and found that once I minimize the terminal window, I can't bring it back. All other Windows are getting minimized to the Unity launcher and I can relaunch them from there. If I go to the launcher and click on terminal a new terminal session is created and the old one is lost completely. This is the first time I am facing such a problem and all my previous installations of 11. 10 didn't throw up any such behaviors. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried resetting the unity. press "Alt+F2" and runn unity --reset – Basharat Sialvi May 8 '12 at 9:15
Thanks. That worked. :) – n3o May 8 '12 at 9:19
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Reset the Unity:

Press Alt+F2 and run the following command:

unity --reset
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see this answer too:

This is a relatively benign & graceful solution.
Why is my terminal invisible after minimizing it and how can I find it?

Use the Super+W keyboard shortcut to show a graphical overview of all windows, including the terminal(s); just click on the one you want to bring it up.

(Super key = Win key)

I had a similar problem which occurs when Terminal is unlocked from launcher

  • with minimized Terminal sessions or
  • by minimizing any Terminal window later

The open windows are frequently not associated with the Terminal launcher even though it was used to start them.

Another clumsy and inelegant method that I have used, reloads X-windows and hence Unity, by typing Alt+Print Screen+K to kill and restart X-windows.

x-ref: terminal window disappears after I minimize it

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