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I cannot use the wireless network from my Sony VAIO E series laptop. My OS is Ubuntu 12.04. Please help.

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! It might be useful to edit your question to include more information about your specific wireless hardware, as described in this answer. Thanks! – Christopher Kyle Horton May 8 '12 at 21:58

I had the same problem. My wireless option was grayed out in network manager.

Solution: Blacklist mac80211 and voilà!

Ubuntu 12 and sony vaio e 14 series

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This is not invented by me, but credited to answers from others in the web. Thanks to them.

Initial problem:

Bought new Sony Vaio E Series. Installing using CD, Ubuntu 12.04. During installation wireless worked. After reboot NO!. Can not enable wireless.

I found there:

rfkill list all

rfkill unblock all

rfkill list all, works, and show: soft blocking in 'acer-wireless: Wireless LAN, soft blocked: yes'

rfkill unblock all does not manage to change. After another rfkill list all, same status remains.

Then I learned from rfkill list - How to unblock?. Thanks, Leckensteyn.

sudo modprobe -r acer_wmi

It works. Wireless Networks works 'normal' as it should be.

Thanks everybody.


Toni Ridwan

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