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Pressing and holding Alt + scrolling with the mouse wheel used to give me a transparent window, is there any way I can get that or something similar in Ubuntu 12.04?

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Install these pacakges with this commands

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-plugins-extra

This will install the CompizConfig-Settings-Manager, you can find this by searching as CCSM in the dash.

Open the CompizConfig-Settings-Manager by typing ccsm in the dash. In the CCSM's window, under the Accessibility section, enable the Opacity, Brightness and Satuaration by placing a tick mark on the corresponding checkbox.


This should automatically enable the plugin, if it is not, press Alt+F2 and type compiz --replace.

Now you can increase or decrease the transparency of any window by holding the Alt key and scrolling mouse wheel.

If Unity seems crashed, don't be bothered. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring logout window, and press Enter to logout from your session. Then login again.

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@Eccentric_Geek A little nice tutorial, on how to do it per app: cupugila.blogspot.de/2012/08/make-ubuntu-unity-window-look.html –  Radu Maris Feb 18 '13 at 11:53

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