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I have already downloaded the ubuntu-12.04-wubi-amd64.tar.xz file...i have no internet connection. When I run wubi, I'm getting this message: could not retrieve the required disk image file. i used other way..i put ubuntu-12.04-wubi-amd64.tar.xz in ubuntu\disk but it not works..

How can I get the install to work?

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I encountered this problem too. It was becaus of a bad Internet connection. You should check if you're using a bad proxy server.

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If you look into that temp\wubi log file, check for an error. I got authentication problems and had to enable my firewall for wubi.exe for both inbound and outbound. Check it dude.

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You might look here:

Before you do a wubi install, you ought to burn a DVD and boot from the live DVD. There is an option 'Try Ubuntu'. Try that first before doing any installation just in case it is not compatible with your hardware. When you say 'I've put both the files in same folder' I am not clear what you mean. The normal way is to burn a DVD and run the autopla from Windows. Please clarify.

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