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I try to deploy my app to EC2 son Amazon via nginx and passenger. I did what the passenger installation comments say. But when I run my nginx and try to enter my site it does not respond even withan error message. It loops forever. I looked the pstree output for my non-workign nginx:

     │                 │                 │      │      │      └─{ruby}
     │                 │                 │      │      └─{ruby}
     │                 │                 │      └─2*[{ruby}]
     │                 │                 └─27*[{PassengerHelper}]
     │                 ├─PassengerLoggin───{PassengerLoggin}
     │                 └─3*[{PassengerWatchd}]

also I have nginx in my laptop and it is working fine and it gives this pstree output (partially)just after it is got an request:

     │                 │                 └─27*[{PassengerHelper}]
     │                 ├─PassengerLoggin───{PassengerLoggin}
     │                 └─3*[{PassengerWatchd}]

I see that there are some zombie processes on my EC2 instance after an request:

What you think about the problem and any suggestion to solve it?

After a wait it gives Gateway Timeout 504

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