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I did not have this issue with Ubuntu 11.10. Well, to be clear, I did, but it was easily remedied with compiz workarounds.

I have tried both the propriety and open source ati drivers, and the intel HD 3000 (as far as I know) should be part of the Kernel already. So I am pretty much 100% stumped given my general lack of Linux knowledge. I really enjoy this OS, would hate to have to return to Windows (read: HATE) because of something as trivial as video playback.

Some details:

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge e520 Intel HD 3000/AMD HD Radeon 6630m

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

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take a look here, maybe it will help you

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While this might help the user solve his issue, it is always a better idea to copy the relevant information for the sites you link and add a link to your answers pointing it to the source. Don not make 1 link answers, those are not recommend. – Bruno Pereira Jun 13 '12 at 20:17

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