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I upgraded to 12.04 and Deluge broke. I want to remove it and then add it again. How do I remove Deluge?

  1. Tried: Searching the Ubuntu Software Centre
    Failed: The button reads "Install" (but it's already installed!)
  2. Tried: sudo apt-get remove --purge deluge
    Failed: Output read Removing deluge... but I can still find it when I search my dash
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How was Deluge installed in the first place? If you used a third party repository, has it been removed? Can you add the output of the removal command to the question. – mikewhatever May 7 '12 at 5:19

If sudo apt-get remove --purge deluge succeeded, then the deluge package was successfully removed.

If menu items still appear in your dash, it doesn't necessarily mean that the program is still installed, just that links to it remain somewhere. Possibly, the dash keeps its own cache of what is in your menu, and it takes a little while to realise that a change has been made.

Feel free to go ahead and reinstall deluge now to see if it works.

For future reference, you should look for dotfiles in ~/ or in ~/config that relate to Deluge. That is the most likely place it would store data for your account. Try purging or renaming that instead. That may solve your original problem with it (rather than re-installing it).

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Did you try complete removal via synaptic package manager?

Install synaptic sudo apt-get install synaptic

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I had the same problem uninstalling Deluge. I realized that I had the GTK version installed so merely deleting deluge didn't do the trick. I used sudo apt-get remove --purge deluge-gtk

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this is the only solution that that worked for me,tnx – Woeitg Jan 27 at 20:33

As per the OP using sudo apt-get remove --purge deluge is the correct way

If you have installed from source files or you need to find leftover Deluge files the Deluge wiki guide has details: RemovingFromSystem

The most likely reason for it still appearing in Dash is due to a leftover deluge.desktop file.

You can use locate deluge it will quickly show every file/folder that is named deluge and you should be able to determine if the application has actually been removed.

If you installed Deluge from source then you will manually need to remove the files. The main deluge application folder is usually installed in the python site-packages or dist-packages folder which should be seen in the output from the above command. You will also need to remove the deluge binaries from /usr/local/bin/ or /usr/bin/.

As neon_overload mentions, if you are having problems with Deluge, backing up and removing your old config may help fix upgrade issues. The default location is: ~/.config/deluge

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