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My backup tar archive is 0.5 GB. The upload rate is limited so synching to the cloud I estimate to take 3 hours. The upload rate is difficult to change since the internet service is provided by the landlord.

Initially I expected Ubuntu One to keep the computer awake the whole 3 hours. My Settings > Power was set to 5 minutes. When I left the computer unattended and returned I saw that Ubuntu One was disabled so I re-enabled and I changed Settings > Power to Don't Suspend.

Many hours later I returned to see that Ubuntu One was again disabled so I re-enabled. It did not indicate the synch had completed and this is unexpected. Somehow I managed to get it to report that the synch was completed, perhaps by closing the application and re-opening it.

How do I stop this application from going to a disabled state?

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This may be bug #995146.

That would mean the "disabled" status is wrong.

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