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Is there a way to hide all other layers when you click on the 'eye' symbol ? It's like what Macormedia Flash does , display only the layer that you click on , all else is hidden.

Is there a shortcut key ?

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Version 2.6

Shift+ Click on the eyeball, on the layer you want to remain visible.

Version 2.8

Installed from

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

Gimp 2.8 will still toggle visible layers using Shift+Click on the eyeball, but now with layers within Layer Groups Gimp will respect layers that are invisible, or visible within a Group, There is a discussion here by developers - 1

What this means is that when you make a layer invisible within a group, it will stay invisible when toggling visibility of other layers and groups.

Before toggle and after toggle, I am toggling the visibility of the layer pointed to by the red arrow- enter image description here----------------enter image description here
Notice that the layer within the layer group stays invisible when toggling the other layers with Shift+Click

Now for the bad news, This also means that When trying to toggle the visibility of many layers Within a layer Group It does not work, only selecting the visibility of the group as a Whole, enter image description here

Notice that I am toggling the visibility of the layer pointed to by the red arrow, yet only the layers outside the group are affected.

I have not found any workarounds for this behavior yet.

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Press Ctrl+L and unselect layers that you want to hide from the dialog box that appears. This works in Gimp 2.8

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