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well this is most frustrating

In what used to be called Nautilus

Where is the drop down to allow me to select the view I want ?

Where is the right click --> make new folder gone in list view when the window is full ?

I used to do sudo Nautilus to change chmod and owner - no Nautilus so what is it now called ?

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it's still nautilus (case sensitive). in other words, typing Nautilus into a terminal will return a not-found error. also, since nautilus is graphical (not commandline) you should be using gksu instead of sudo – amc May 6 '12 at 19:06
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The gnome-devs have tidied the code and the interface when they moved from gnome-2 to gnome-3.

With this tidy, you'll have to learn some new tricks.

Thus - there is no longer a drop-down to select the view you want. The keyboard shortcuts are:

  • icons CTRL+1
  • list CTRL+2
  • compact CTRL+3

As you can guess - this tidy as affected the list view & new create folder trick. Use your newly learned shortcut to switch to icon-view and then you can create a new folder. Alternatively - use the (old) keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+N

I'm not aware of any special function to "chmod" and "chown" - you can still right-click and choose properties and permissions. You can then change the owner/group and file-access from that tab.

Remember to start nautilus as root using the command:

gksudo nautilus

or from the GUI:


and then type gksudo nautilus

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and of course - far too long playing with some other OS; I keep forgetting that this is a real OS (that works !) and everything is case sensitive :-) – peter_dtm May 6 '12 at 23:24

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