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My courier-pop and courier-imap servers won't start. I'm using an old Ubuntu 6.06 box. I did an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade 2 days ago, which may have messed things up (there were a few errors). In any case, /usr/sbin/pop3d no longer exists. This is a file that the courier-pop startup script calls.

I always back-up the machine fully before doing an update and when I extracted the backup to see if I could restore that file from there, the backed-up-copy is present but it has 0 file size and no permissions. I'm stuck. I didn't realize an update / upgrade could corrupt things.

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Finally got it working. Posting here for posterity.

I manually copied over courier and postfix files from /usr/lib and then re-created the symlinks from /usr/sbin and /usr/bin to those files. The files were actually correctly backed-up; it's just that the ones with filesize 0 were symlinks and I checked them while my backup was still extracting.

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