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I have build an Ubuntu remix with UCK, Ubuntu Customization kit and have installed Cinnamon via PPA. Now I want the Live DVD to start with Cinnamon directly. How to do this ? Terminal command maybe ?

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It seems that the installation is on hard disk and you want to run Live CD/DVD in cinnamon.

To run the Live CD and fetch Cinnamon from installation is, I would say, tricky. But it is still possible to get Cinnamon on Live boot:

1) Using whoami get your Live-boot username (usually ubuntu)

2) Using passwd set your Live-boot password. If it has some issues, delete the password by -d option, and set password

3) Install cinnamon now.

4) Log out, put your username there (whoami one), and from the menu (Gear in 11.* and 12.* while bottom of the page list for older versions), select "Cinnamon" instead of "Gnome"

5) Enjoy :)

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Thanks ! That worked ! – Peter Forsberg Jun 4 '12 at 13:49

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