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I'm trying to share my Ubuntu's 12.04 (Desktop) wireless (wlan0) internet connection with a Freesat box through ethernet (eth0).

I've set up the wired connection IPv4 settings "Share with other computers" and I'm getting a wired connection but unfortunately the Freesat box can't seem to automatically configure the network settings.

Available Manual Network Settings (Freesat Box):

IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router Address, DNS Address

If I try to configure the freesat box manually will I need to configure the wired (eth0) settings differently in Ubuntu.

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I just spent the better part of the day getting Internet Connection Sharing via Network Manager to work on Maya. The problem is that my installation didn't have a /etc/resolv.conf. If you're connecting via DHCP, you don't need one, but apparently Network Manager's Internet Connection Sharing does.

So do "sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf" and (assume you get a blank file) enter in this, replacing the bracketed items of course:

domain [YourDomain]
nameserver [YourPrimaryNameserver]
nameserver [YourSecondaryNameserver]

You can get the primary and secondary nameserver IPs by right-clicking on Network Manager and selecting "Connection Information" and making sure you're on the tab for your Internet connected network device.

As soon as I made my resolv.conf and rebooted, the device I was sharing found the Internet with no problem as all.

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