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After recently installing 12.04 through Wubi, Windows 7 is now not booting, not even in safe mode. There is one folder on the C drive that I need a copy of which I forgot to backup before installing Ubuntu, how do I access this through Ubuntu?

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Well, the partition on which you installed Wubi should be mounted at folder named /host (or it was, i am not using wubi since 9.10).

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Just open up terminal and write sudo fdisk -l. then try figuring out which partition is your c drive. and then just mount the partition as:

sudo mkdir /storage
sudo mount /dev/sda3 /storage //in case dev3 is your c drive.

Why not enable mount of the windows partition on boot time? There is a utility called ntfs-config which mounts your windows partition on boot time. install it as sudo apt-get install ntfs-config and enable mount at boot as

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Boot into live and run "sudo fdisk -l". Figure out which partition corresponds to your c drive, (must be something like /dev/sda2). Then mount that partition. "mount /dev/sda2 /mnt". Go to /mnt and you can get your files from there.

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