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I installed ubuntu recently and i cant connect to internet.... I never deal with linux before much but i cant connect to internet and it keeps giving notification wired connection disconnected

Its working fine on my windows 7 using Realtek RTL8139/810x ethernet network card

my isp need login on its webpage for connection of internet which i gets automatically after connection to lan but nothing is working on my ubuntu os....

please help me for this case.....

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I believe your kernel is loading the wrong driver. This has been experienced by others before and you need to run a script (a patch by a fellow linux user) to solve it. I believe the script blacklists the default driver and loads the correct one. You can find the script at Download, extract and execute the script as root.

This information was found at

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It was my mistake that I didn't set IP's required for connections

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one of the main reasons for this PCI card not loading is the driver . I just had this issue a few moments ago , and the way i solve it was by installing this driver :

I also removed the card from PCI slot and put it there again just in case any bad contact was happening .

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