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I am trying to add an network printer (HP Laserjet 9050) using the LPD protocol. On previous Ubuntu version I was shown a dialog box with Installable Options where I could specify total printer memory, whether it was a duplex unit, whether to use Tray 1 or Tray 4, etc. However in Ubuntu 12.04, I am not given those options anymore. I am now unable to use the network printer. Can someone help me?

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Program for configuring printer is system-config-printer.

Try following in terminal or Alt+F2

$ system-config-printer
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That's what I was doing, but never mind I found the solution. – ajaxfiore May 7 '12 at 0:47

After much browsing around I found that the problem was the ppd file being provided by the foomatic-db-compressed-ppds. Somehow the ppd now is different. So I went here:

And instead of downloading the file to install hplip, I downloaded the tarball

I extracted it and was able to find the hp-laserjet_9050-ps.ppd in the folder hplip-3.12.4/prnt/ps

I used that one to install the network printer and it worked perfectly.

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