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I completed an upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 to 14.04 LTS. After the upgrade finished it seems like everything was working. Then I turned the computer off over night and the next day the machine powers up, I get the logon screen and I put in my password, and then I get a blank screen. I am running on a Dell inspiron 531, using the 64 bit ubuntu. Is there any way to get around this? I do have the nvidia driver installed. I also noticed that on the blue screen during booting that it showed Kubuntu 11.10, but then the login screen noted Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. When it rebooted after the update I did notice two program failures: 1. compiz closed unexpectedly, 2. ITalc also closed unexpectedly.

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Try this:

  1. install gdm from tty1 (ctrl+alt+F1), #apt-get install gdm
  2. #dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

change the default display manager from lightdm to gdm

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Try this: 1. #startx 2. Backup all important info 3. Format HDD.

I proved all the solutions that I found in Internet and none worked for me...

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