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I just downloaded the .iso and launched it on a live USB. Im actually writing this from the live session. I want to install ubuntu 12.04 along with my windows 7. I have my system set up with 2x1TB RAID0. When Im trying to install the only options I have are to erase the whole disk to make a clean install or to go into the advanced partion thing... It says it cant detect any other OS though I have a legit version of Windows 7 installed! Please I have searched so much and cant anything... I really want this to work... What can be wrong? Thanks in advance...

I also tried

sudo dmraid -tay

But it said it couldnt detect any raid disk. But I know it should work cause my windows 7 works fine.

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All you have to do is going to to download the file WUBI.EXE. Or you can use this link to download the file

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