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Possible Duplicate:
My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix it?

Here is perhaps more specific information on a subject several others have posted about, in hope that someone will be able to provide a suggestion to correct it.

I'm working with a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook. I performed a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04, Installed all applicable drivers & updates, Then performed a release upgrade to v11.10. Ubuntu booted up correctly with unity working. After checking for any new drivers and applying updates, I then performed a release upgrade to v12.04. Upon restart, The screen initially turned the customary purple, Then went black, Followed shortly by the start up drum sound.

By pressing the Ctrl+Alt+F2 combination, I was able to log onto the Netbook. Pressing Alt+F7 allowed me to see what normally appears in the lower half of the screen sitting in the upper half, With the lower half still black. I entered my password again and then clicked the gear at the top right corner of the screen & selected "LogOut", Which caused the Netbook to display a full login screen, Allowing me to change my session to Unity 2D and log onto the Netbook successfully. The Netbook does not remember the last session used however, And so the above procedure must be repeated after every restart or when powering up.

I have modified the Grub file to include nomodeset acpi=off, But it doesn't seem to make any difference.

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@JorgeCastro Not really, this is a bit more involved and subtle than that IMHO. – hexafraction Oct 14 '12 at 22:04

Try to do an sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade to see if updating any software since the CD was pressed might fix it. uhh, assuming that you have an internet connection.

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For me, killing the session with pressing Alt+Print+k helps.

(I hope that's the way the keys are called in english, for me in german it's Alt+Druck+k.)

Edit: Or, if that doesn't work, change the display via Ctrl+Fn+Alt +F1 and then back again with Ctrl+Fn+Alt +F7 or Ctrl+Fn+Alt +F7.

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