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When I boot--in System --> Preferences --> Visual Effects it always boots to None. I change it to Extra or custome but it wont stay there it reterns back to None @ next boot time.

Also after I set it to Extra or Custom and close the window and opening Visual Effects again it shows it it is set to Normal.

Any ideas?
Odly 9x Ubuntu did not do this 10.04 & 10.10 were afresh installs.

GPU Integarated GeForce 8300
Memory:512 MB
Memory Interface:128-bit 3D-accelerated proprietary graphics driver for NVIDIA cards.
NVIDIA Driver Version: 260.19.06

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Try to deactivate the current version of the driver and install an older version ( 196 series or 172 series). i had the same problem with my geforce 8400 gs in 10.04 and the 196 driver worked perfectly.

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