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I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 12.04 to try out. I'm really liking the Unity Dash for easily opening content (HTPC in mind).

I decided to see how it works and I dumped a folder full of video files of my favourite show into Video's in my home folder, each season separated by directories. When I went back to the Unity Dash, it mixed all the video's together. I understand I could just search for the video I want, but I'd like to have the functionality to have things organized in sub-directories and click through what I want via Unity. Is there a way to tell it to recognize the directory structure in Unity?

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I think the lens is more of a searcher than an organiser and a link to open a folder would do this better, however could always make a feature request at

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Thanks, I posted a feature request! – ekimseekem May 4 '12 at 17:07

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