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I have been using Ubuntu since version 9 and found it very friendly and wonderful to work with. Is there a way to choose Gnome-classic or other desktops on install?

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Unity allows you to quickly access applications and files and to me, looks very good. Lack of productiveness is not a problem with the keyboard shortcuts it responds to. To display a list of shortcuts press and hold the Super key. The newly implemented HUD is also a goodie! Nevertheless, you can explore many other desktop environments. I also like Gnome Shell. It has a very clean look and is lightweight. Other options are Cinnamon, Enlightenment, etc. It's just a matter of what you feel most comfortable with!

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It supposed to be a lighter Display Manager than Gnome, and the design is supposed to be better in every scenario. Gnome tends to crowd in a netbook screen, in some cases. Unity is supposed to leave more visible real estate on the screen to work with. Especially if you enable the AUTO-HIDE for the panel as I do.

I also like LXDE (LUBUNTU) too. Very light, fast and familiar to those whom are changing from an XP interface.

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