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This might look like an easy one "get yourself different memory chips", but I'm not convinced:

I set up 12.04 64bit on a new board with 8 GB of memory plugged in. I can see all 8 GB in the BIOS (it says: 4 x 2GB plugged in), even though the self memory tests (run before I enter the BIOS) shows only 3820 MB.

If I launch Ubuntu, system info also displays 3820MB, but if I run the memory test (-> System Testing), it fails with

Meminfo total: 3533740 kB DMI total: 8192000 kB Accuracy: 43.00 Memory totals not close enough

Ooops, there are my 8GB !?

So, I'm desperately looking for any leads from here....

ps: double checked that I installed the 64bit version...

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I can't comment due to being new so I'm leaving this here.

If the POST (power on self-test) is showing 4 GB, that's a hardware or firmware issue. Have you double checked the modules are correctly seated? I don't know how to get Ubuntu to pick up the memory - but if it were my system I would be looking at the hardware.

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I don't think you needed to comment - this is an answer (and likely the correct one). – Adrian May 4 '12 at 6:23
after some playing around in the BIOS I got the memory fully recognized. thanks for answering! – jan groth May 5 '12 at 8:41

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