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This seem like bigger problem then expected. I had problem with input dialog boxes problem-with-input-method when I learned that I had some Chinese language in language preferences and couple of Thai input methods.

I started to remove all related data, many thai fonts, additional input methods, and when I selected libthai-data from Synaptic, now it wants to remove more then 100 packages, everything I have installed including Unity, Compiz, Nautilus, Firefox...

I installed 12.04 on clean formated hard drive on the day it was announced, without selecting anything exotic, like other language then English and similar

Any suggestions?

Also when some dialog in Nautilus (not sure if it's globally) pops, then buttons are placed opposite than they should, and then quickly roll to normal position. I assume it's related to this issue, and also think that there must be some bug report already, as I downloaded ISO image from Ubuntu site normally, and followed simple installation instruction without tweaking anything.

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It's old libpango issue by some and feature by others:

Removing seems like insane task

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libthai-data is a dependency of libthai which is a dependency of Firefox. So I'm afraid it's going to have to stay if you want to keep Firefox. However it's very small and won't affect your input methods, so I would recommend just leaving it where it is.

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It's not dependency, it's just suggestion/recommendation. I have still no idea why is this package installed, and why it removal wants to remove almost everything, like Unity, Compiz, etc. Will investigate later, and maybe rephrase question – zetah May 4 '12 at 5:39

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