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I have Ubuntu 12.04 and ooo-thumbnailer does not work. I have installed it from the above ppa and restarted nautilus, of course, but no thumbnails whatsoever are created.

When I call ooo-thumbnailer from the command line I gen the following:

convert convert: Improper image header (/tmp/gmJ6Jks5).

It is something it has to do with the imagemagick convert utility. I have installed the graphics-imagemagick-compat package, but I also tried to substitute that with the imagemagick package. In this case ooo-thumbnailer still doesn't work but the error code is different (I don't recall precisely now).

I also tried to compile ooo-thumbnailer and imagemagick from source with no success.

Anyone knows what the problem might be? Thanks


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I've just discovered that this is due to a minor bug in the "ooo-thumbnailer" package. Until a new version is released, I've managed to get thumbnails displayed again in this way:

1) As root, create a new (plain text) file, which is missing:


2) Open this new file with your text editor (e.g. gedit or medit) and paste the following text:

[Thumbnailer Entry]

Exec=/usr/bin/ooo-thumbnailer %i %o %s

3) Save this file and restart Nautilus using this command in user terminal:

nautilus -q

You should now have thumbnails generated and displayed for all supported file types like ODT and so on...

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It is a shame that this hasn't been fixed in 14.04... – Ed Villegas May 4 '14 at 2:18

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