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When I type lsb_release -a I get this:

enter image description here

I tried it a couple of days ago and I saw something more like this:

enter image description here

Why do I get all that?

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from lsb_release man page, it seems like that's the normal thing, look at the description for -v and -a, -v says ...The version is expressed as a colon separated list of LSB module descriptions. that's what your seeing, a colon separated list of LSB modules

-a is Display all of the above information., which includes -v

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Following up on geermc4's helpful answer, the difference may be from the installation of a package that happens to give you more support for Linux Standard Base.

lsb is one such package. My system has libnux-2.0-0 which supplies a few, but not as many as yours. See and

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